Kenneth David Tiven

Kenneth David Tiven

Kenneth is a retired executive with management experience in multiple U.S. and global media companies who seeks projects that reflect his skills and public interest as a journalist.

He started his professional career working as an Editor on the International Desk at The Washington Post in 1969. He is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where he earned his MS with honors in 1969 and won the Society of Silurians award for Investigative reporting.

He held senior management positions at numerous television channels and networks, including Orange County NewsChannel, Santa Ana, CA 1989-1982; WQEX-TV (1986-1989), WQED-TV People’s Business (1984-1985), and WPXI (1981-1984) Pittsburgh, PA; NBC Network News Washington DC 1985-1986; ABC Network News Chicago 1978-1980; KYW-TV, Philadelphia, PA 1975-1978; WSB-TV Atlanta, GA 1974-1975; before joining CNN Cable News Network, Atlanta, GA as Vice President Television systems, 1992-2003, creating CNN.COM, CNN Sports illustrated, CNN FN, CNN en Espanol channels, while launching foreign channels in Spain, Turkey, Australia, & Germany.

He shifted CNN from its analog roots to a digital approach to television news. His perception was the internet would transform the information ecosphere.

After retiring from CNN in 2003, he became a principal in Intelligent Media Consultants, a consulting company for global television and media projects, including India’s most successful 24:7 news channel, AajTak; two Regional news channels for Star India and PULS, Vienna, Austria. He has designed, trained, and launched channels in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan (3) and India (2), and Bulgaria, where he worked closely with client management on all aspects of the projects.

Tiven has written training guides for journalists, consulted for Radio Free Europe and was a principal consultant in design and launch of STAR SPORTS, designing an ESPN like facility and team to deliver both multiple channels of broadcast sports, multiple digital streams and additional programing.

Tiven is married to An Wentzel, an acclaimed writer, teacher, award winning film maker, and Media and Communications consultant. They divide their time between their homes in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania and Cape Town, South Africa.