Hong Kong, US cities need a ‘Housing Subsidy Act’


To succeed, Hong Kong must first alleviate its housing shortage and homeless crisis. So Lee’s early initiative will not only go a long way to solve the housing crisis, but also the political turmoil, as people with secure housing will get back to business. When success on this front becomes well-founded, the entire concept can become the model and solution for other societies, particularly the Chinese mainland and America, which face serious housing and homeless issues — America more so than China.

In America, homeless people are sleeping on the streets within eyesight of the White House — and fancy neighborhoods in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities across the country.

A primary reason for the street protests in Hong Kong, in Europe, in the US, and globally, is the housing crisis brought on by the greed of the entrenched and politically connected developers and landlords.

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