Most frequent ASKED questions

What is Breaking Housing Matters (BHM)?

A registered 501(s)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S., BHM is a grassroots housing movement coordinating with local officials and stakeholder groups to achieve affordable housing profitably.

Who is involved?

Local public officials, housing advocates, financial supporters, and other interested parties collaborate with BHM to engage developers, landlords, real estate professionals, and nonprofit and religious leaders.

What is the proposed solution?

BHM’s Housing Subsidy Solution (HSS), a partnership between the public and private sectors consists of 1. the Housing Solution Ordinance (HSO), and 2. the Housing Subsidy Fund (HSF), managed and run by the private sector.

How is HSS unique compared to other housing programs?

HSS is unique in the following four ways: 1. hyper-localized & grassroots solution, 2. landlords/developers/sellers guaranteed a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI), 3. burden of providing affordable housing shifted from the public sector to the private sector and 4. ongoing
collaboration required among unconventional stakeholders.

Is BHM political?

No, BHM is apolitical by design. While we do not endorse candidates, we work with housing advocates to encourage public officials/ candidates across party affiliations to support HSS in their communities.

Where can I get more information about BHM?

Please visit our website www.breakinghousingmatters.org

How can I get involved?

You can definitely contribute your time, energy, ideas, and money to BHM! You can attend your local government meetings, contact your elected representatives, and coordinate with your people– especially fellow frustrated buyers and renters. See “Get Involved” on our website for more information. We are extremely open to you ideas.

What if there is no local BHM movement where I live?

We are a new organization and there’s a LOT of opportunity to grow. You can connect with virtual conversations at the organizational level and even start a local chapter near you – BHM will support you to do so!

Where will my donation go?

Your tax-deductible donation will allow BHM to grow our capacity to support local efforts to achieve affordable housing profitably.

Can I opt for my donation to stay local?

Beginning in 2024, you will have the option of directing your donation to support a local Housing Subsidy Fund(s).

What's the best way to contact BHM?

Please email us at:  info@breakinghousingmatters.org.