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Who We Are and What Drives Us

Breaking Housing Matters (BHM) is a registered 501(c)(3) in the U.S. dedicated to delivering affordable housing profitably. We believe landlords, developers, and sellers must achieve a reasonable return on investment AND buyers and renters must be able to afford housing.

While we are advocacy-oriented, we do not directly support any particular political candidate. We can, however, get local media coverage that attracts the attention of public officials and key decision makers on the issue of affordable housing.

A global crisis requires global thinking and local action, which is why we are starting with some of the most forward-thinking economies in the U.S. and China.

Without decent affordable housing, especially workforce housing, societies fall apart.

We at BHM are committed to empowering and connecting affordable housing advocates, including public officials who want to lead on housing, to get the ideas and resources needed to achieve affordable housing in a way that serves everyone – buyers, renters, and homeless.


Housing costs in most places have skyrocketed and too many people are spending an unhealthy and unsustainable percentage of their income on housing. Tight supply, increasing inflation, and lingering effects of Covid all contribute to the problem– with no sign of relief in sight.

While Rent Control can help with short-term affordability and stability for current tenants, it often leads to unaffordability and gentrification. “Reverse incentives” associated with rent control measures deter the creation of affordable housing units since landlords are financially motivated to convert rent controlled units to condos for sale.

Government controls can discourage private investment in housing, which is needed to increase the supply and stabilize costs.

Housing costs are not only out of reach for many renters; many home buyers are also struggling to find– and afford– a house to purchase.

Clearly, a new approach to affordable housing is needed.

Breaking Housing Matters is here to help… with YOUR HELP. Let’s solve the housing crisis together!

Our Journey

March 9, 2023
HSS recommend the rezoning
of unused building in the edition of South China Morning Post titled, Hong Kong should emulate New York to solve its housing crisis by rezoning unused buildings – towards building affordable housing for buyers, renters and homeless.
February 9, 2023
HSS was also published

In the South China Morning Post titled, A profitable, affordable housing alternative to wasteful temporary ‘light housing’ and Lantau Tomorrow – proposed an idea for the government in its efforts to fix the city’s housing shortage.

July 20, 2022
HSS was first published

In the Hong Kong edition of China Daily titled, Hong Kong, U.S. cities need a Housing Subsidy Act – a new-innovative subsidized housing proposal for the Hong Kong government, and city leaders in America to consider.

July 13, 2021
HSS was first proposed

as the Rent Subsidy Act (“RSA”) at a press conference in Hong Kong, a day before the Hong Kong Book Fair 2021, promoting BHM’s founder’s book, Custom Maid Backspin for New Word Disorder, where housing and rent solutions are proposed in chapter 8: Up The Road to Future Street -- not only for Hong Kong but also for cities in mainland China and the U.S.

After numerous focus groups in Hong Kong and the U.S. — RSA evolved into HSS.

Board of Directors

We are working everyday to build a better world & help ensure our goal of affordable housing.

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